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School Norms and Procedures

General courtesy and respect for others both inside and outside the classroom is the primary expectation for behavior at Sedgwick School.  All students should come to school prepared to learn and work cooperatively with others.

Arrival and Departure Norms

  1.  Arrive at school no earlier than 8:30 am. There is no adult supervision prior to 8:30 am.
  2.  You are responsible for getting to class on time.  Students arriving in class after the 8:45 am bell are considered tardy.
  3.  Students must be picked up or walk home as soon as they are dismissed from school.
  4.  Primary students may not wait on campus for intermediate students to be released from class due to no adult supervision. Arrangements must be made to pick up primary students at dismissal.
  5. Walk your bike from the school entrance to the bike rack.
  6. First and second grade students who ride their bike to and from school must be accompanied by an adult.

Playground Norms

  1. Primary students stay on the front part of the lawn at all times.  Upper grade students may use the back portion of the lawn during the morning recess only. No one is permitted past the red box at lunch.
  2. Do not play in the bushes or the tree area by Big Blue.
  3. Walk on the black top.
  4. No teasing, tickling, or pulling children off of equipment.
  5. No throwing of objects such as rocks, sand, sticks, tanbark, or anything other than balls.
  6. Balls are to be kicked on the grass area only.  Do not kick red rubber balls.  Red rubber balls are the only type of balls used on the ball walls.
  7. No tennis balls or footballs.
  8. When the bell rings play is over, games stop and students freeze in place. When whistle is blown, students walk directly to class.
  9. No locking or excluding others out of games.  Everyone gets a chance to play.
  10. Be fair to others...when waiting in line, take your turn, do not give cuts, do not trade positions. 
  11. The winner of a game may not pick who plays next, the next person in line becomes the next player.
  12. No tripping, pushing, tackling, or piling up of players.
  13. No tag or chase games.
  14. No games of 'Three Flies Up'
  15. In order for a student to bring appropriate playground equipment from home, they must be willing to assume risk of the equipment being lost or damaged.  All school rules will be followed and no one may be locked out of a game.

Lunch Norms

  1. Food is to remain at the tables.  Eating is not allowed on the playground or field.
  2. Walk with your class and teacher to the lunch tables.
  3. Sit at your assigned table.
  4. Be responsible and take pride in keeping the school grounds clean.  Put trash in the designated garbage cans.
  5. Remain seated until a noon supervisor has excused you.

General Norms

  1. Stay within the limits of the school grounds during school hours. Students may only leave campus after being signed out in the office by an adult listed on their emergency card.
  2. All knives or potentially dangerous weapons, including toy weapons, are absolutely not allowed and may result in suspension and/or possible expulsion.
  3. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs and illegal substances of any kind are absolutely not allowed and possession or use may result in suspension and/or possible expulsion.
  4. Physical, mental or emotional harassment will not be tolerated and may result in suspension and/or possible expulsion.
  5. Any form of swearing or obscene language (written or spoken), or any form of sexual harassment will not be tolerated and may result in suspension.
  6. Vandalism of any form may result in suspension, and collection for damages will be pursued.
  7. Skateboards, roller blades, scooters, electronic devices toys, water guns, trading cards, baseball bats, and hardballs are not allowed at school.
  8. Do not play in the restrooms.  Do not swing from the bathroom doors or misuse paper, sinks, or toilets.
  9. Gum is not allowed.
  10. Spitting is not allowed.
  11. All visitors on campus must have a pass.  If a student sees an unfamiliar adult on campus without a visitor badge, they are to tell a staff member immediately.